Deep Thoughts: The Power of Being Present

Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I took my DSLR with me on a walk around the neighborhood.

It was a walk I'd done thousands of times before. Each of these thousand times I was carrying a camera (by way of cell phone) however the urge to capture the moment, never came to pass. Recently, as I began implementing a morning walk before work, I started acknowledging some of the unique sights in my path. Maybe it was the morning light. Maybe I was still waking up. Regardless, I couldn't deny I was becoming more appreciative of my surroundings.

During my lunch break I headed out, camera in hand. Previously, my ventures with a DSLR resulted in a memory card full of duplicates or uninspired scenes, however, my recent return to film photography had drastically changed my approach. I'd begun to realize 36---even 24 exposures---was more than enough to capture something special. There was no space for duplicates or uninspired images. As an added benefit---rather than obsessing over the perfect image, I was able to capture the moment and move on, or better yet, appreciate the moment in real-time, rather than through a viewfinder.

With this mentality, I spent 30 seconds of my walk in-viewfinder composing and the other 29 minutes and 30 seconds, enjoying the moment. It was refreshing.

Granted my photo walk only resulted in three images, however, the memories I have to accompany those images are stronger because I took the time to be present and create them.

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